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Welcome to Puzzalogical Escape Rooms!

We are hoping to launch in February 2020 with 3 incredible rooms and add a further 5 rooms by the end of the year.

Guaranteed to have you engrossed from the second you enter until the moment you leave!

Experience a fully immersive adventure in one of our incredible Escape Rooms

Secret Of The Vault

Encased behind 6 inch steel doors and 12 inch thick walls in a real Vault, can you reach the safe, break it open and discover the secret within?

Prison Break

As inmates of HMP Bracknell, armed with nothing more than your whit’s, can you outsmart the guards and escape to freedom?

Pharaohs’ Mystery

Enter the great pyramid of the Boy King and solve the puzzles to unravel the mystery behind his untimely death.

All our rooms offer 60 minutes of fully immersive fun with surprises around every corner.  You will discover clues, solve puzzles, use logic and dexterity to accomplish tasks and complete challenges against the clock whilst being part of the story.

It’s great for groups of friends, colleagues or family looking to share a unique experience and memorable time together. The games teach you to work as a team, to communicate clearly and effectively and cooperate in order to succeed whilst having immense fun.

As a team of 2 to 6 individuals you must work together if you want to beat the clock and complete the adventure and emerge victorious from the room.

You Games Master will monitor your progress and help guide you should you require hints throughout the experience. You may not need their help, but they are always on hand if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Regardless of the outcome, we promise the entire experience will be fantastic for you and your group.

Our website is under construction and will be launched early February but in the meantime, if you wish to buy a gift of escapism, you can buy a gift voucher now.

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