We are open and we have been certified as a COVID19 Safe business.

How It Works

What to expect

  • We have been certified as a COVID19 Safe business.

    • Please ensure every member of your team is wearing a face-covering in our communal areas.
    • Given the rise in cases, we are asking all customers to wear a pair of gloves and a face-covering during your game, you may find a shield more comfortable.  
    • Please arrive 15 minutes before your game start time. If you arrive late, your game will have to be cut short as we ask you to arrive early so, we can cover important information with you ahead of your game. You should allow 1 &1/2 hours for your experience.
    • Our games are staggered to avoid teams checking in and being in the waiting area at the same time
    • When you arrive, you will check-in at reception upstairs, complete your waiver which we use the information for each player for our COVID19 visitor log for the track and trace system.
    • All our tablets are disinfected for your safety.
    • You will watch a short video with important information including our health and safety points.
    • Before entering the corridor to Puzzalogical, you will need to sanitise your hands.
    • You will be taken downstairs to the waiting room for you to store any belongings.
    • Your gamemaster will then take you to the room to start your game, where you will be asked to sanitise your hands again before entering the room.
    • You will then be starting your immersive game experience.
    • All our spaces are cleaned in between games and we use a disinfectant fog machine which lasts for 24 hours but we disinfect and clean our rooms between games.  
    • Please do not attend your game if you or one of your team has any COVID19 symptoms or has come into contact with anyone with COVID19. We ask you to follow Government guidance, please.
    • If you need to reschedule your game due to COVID19, please call us on 07856 342226 to arrange this.

    We hope you will enjoy your game and feel safe with the procedures below that we have put in place to ensure your safety.