Pharaoh’s MYSTERY - Puzzalogical Escape Rooms eri

Thousands of years ago the Great Boy King was buried within this illustrious pyramid… But for such a young ruler, how – or WHY – did he meet his untimely demise so soon?


Now, you and your team of archaeologists have stumbled upon a ground-breaking clue that could rewrite the history books forever!


Travel all the way to Egypt and step inside the Pharaoh’s Tomb once more to solve the ancient puzzles and unravel THE PHARAOH’S MYSTERY!


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60 minutes on the clock

Groups of 2 – 6 people

How Old: Suitable from 10 years old (Adults must accompany U16s in the room)

Perfect for a straight-thinking entourage


2 Players £30 each
3 players £25 each
4 – 6 players £20 each

Your game will be for your group only, we do not share games with other groups

Discover a Secret Buried By Time!