Prison Break - Puzzalogical Escape Rooms eri

It’s only been a few months, but already it feels like years incarcerated at HMP Bracknell.


There’s no way you can spend 10 years here, punished for a crime you didn’t commit!


Conspiring with your closest friends and armed with nothing more than your wits, you all need to outsmart the guards and escape to freedom in a perilous – but DARING – Prison Break!


The clock’s ticking and the stakes are high in this fast-paced bid for salvation!

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Theme: Prison BREAK


60 minutes on the clock

Groups of 2 – 6 people

How Old: Suitable from 10 years old (Adults must accompany U16s in the room)

Perfect for a straight-thinking entourage


2 Players £30 each
3 players £25 each
4 – 6 players £20 each

Your game will be for your group only, we do not share games with other groups

Dare To Break Free Before Your Time Is Up!