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Guaranteed to have you engrossed from the second you enter, until the moment you leave!

Experience a fully immersive adventure in one of our incredible Escape Rooms


How It Works


60 minutes of fully immersive live entertainment lies ahead!

Get Locked into one of our realistic rooms with your team where you’ll play a vital part in the story. Discover clues and solve puzzles to complete your challenge.


Clues are hidden everywhere…

You already have everything you need, so keep your eyes peeled! Anything you see could be the key you’re looking for that’ll help you escape.

Build a team

In groups of 2 to 6 players – whether you’re friends, family or co-workers – you’ll collaborate together to strengthen your bonds, communicate and cooperate so YOU can emerge victorious from the room!

  • Your game will be for your group only, we do not share games with other groups

Surprises are around every corner!

Your Games Master will help guide you if you need any helpful hints.

Just choose one of these amazing interactive adventures and have an away day you’ll NEVER forget!